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At MDRE, we pride ourselves on our tenant selection process, assuring you have the most appropriate tenant in your property is of paramount importance for us! All applicants are required to:

Complete a thorough and comprehensive application form.

Provide a statement regarding their leasing history.

Provide proof of employment.

Provide us with 100 points of ID.

Provide at least two personal references.

We carry out detailed rental and employment checks to ensure that tenants have both a sound and reliable leasing track record and the financial means to meet their commitments.

A property is a big investment and you as the owner have the ultimate say on who leases your property. We forward you a detailed summary of the applicants and leave the final decision in your hands, you have the final say.

Our Property Management Services:

Rental Collection: MDRE monitors tenant payments on a daily basis and will implement immediate collection proceedings should a scheduled payment be missed. As a result, our arrears list (on the odd occasion we have one), is very minimal.

Property Inspections: We provide a complete and regular inspection programme we conduct the maximum amount of inspections as stipulated by the Department of Fair Trading (which is 4 per year). We schedule these on a 3 month basis and you as a landlord are more than welcome to join. This is highly recommended to safeguard against neglect and abuse.

Maintenance: Reliable and responsible trades people are employed to carry out maintenance work on the properties we manage if needed. We have procedures put in place and you as a landlord will always be contacted first.

Financial Administration: For the efficient management of a property, MDRE accounting procedures provide the owners with a monthly statement detailing income and expenditure.